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Any of these resources may be copied and used freely for non-profit purposes.

All I ask is that they are attributed to me, and are not changed.

Images used in teaching materials are either copyright-free, purchased,

or my own - please let me know if you spot something that has

inadvertently crept in! 

I retain the copyright to my own text and photos.

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The name "Israel" means at least three different things in the Bible - and is also the name of today's State.  This presentation clarifies which is which - essential before seeking a Biblical foundation to understand the conflict.

I'm willing to come and explain this to a

group planning pilgrimage -

whether or not you're coming with me!

An accessible summary of how 4000 years of history developed into today's conflicts between nations and faiths - including outlines of Jewish, Messianic Christian, Palestinian Christian and Muslim perspectives.

I'm willing to come and explain this to a

group planning pilgrimage -

whether or not you're coming with me!

Papers from a 2010 symposium organised by Concordis International (to which I was privileged to contribute), discussing the differing views about Israeli - Palestinian conflict in churches in the UK. 

The pdf is of all the papers.

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A one-page visual summary of 4000 years of conflict over the Land, who has ruled it when, and its connection to Jewish, Christian and Muslim faith.

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A simplified one-page visual summary of the emergence of the State of Israel over the last 100 years, the resulting conflict, and changes to the territories involved.

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An introduction to many of the most important sites associated with Jesus in Israel and Palestine - with a brief history for each, their place in the Bible, a "credibility rating", photos, little known facts, and a short spiritual reflection for each location.  The book also includes advice on practical matters involved in visiting the Holy Land - climate, safe travel, health, what to pack, how to shop - together with a simple outline of the history of the Land, and an introduction to Arab-Israeli conflict


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