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Be patient with me!  It's going to take me a while to populate the resources pages.  Contact me if there's anything you'd like in a hurry.


Any of these resources may be copied and used freely for non-profit purposes.

All I ask is that they are attributed to me, and are not changed.

Images used in teaching materials are either copyright-free, purchased,

or my own - please let me know if you spot something that has

inadvertently crept in! 


I retain the copyright to my own text and photos.

Right-click a resource to download.



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A single animated pptx slide to place a passage or story on a timeline

Good Christian people interpret the Bible in different ways - each of with its own inner coherence (although not all can be equally "true"!). 

This teaching explores why, and outlines five representative models of interpretation.

I'm always willing to come and teach this to other fellowships!

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