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Mike brings his gifts as a visual communicator to a range of books, pamphlets and academic papers addressing the lands of the Bible, how to follow Jesus, and theological and educational issues.

Mike's approach is to recognise that every topic has a range of coherent views, each worthy of respect - but not all necessarily of equal validity.  To borrow a phrase from OCCA - Mike wants to help thinkers to believe - and believers to think!


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An introduction to many of the most important sites associated with Jesus in Israel and Palestine - with a brief history for each, their place in the Bible, a "credibility rating", photos, little known facts, and a short spiritual reflection for each location.  The book also includes advice on practical matters involved in visiting the Holy Land - climate, safe travel, health, what to pack, how to shop - together with a simple outline of the history of the Land, and an introduction to Arab-Israeli conflict

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May 2022


July 2020

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"Just Looking" brings together a range of resources that Mike has developed over more than 20 years - explaining why Christians believe what they do, and also the range of possible Christian viewpoints

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Many explanations of how to become a follower of Jesus include hidden assumptions about how the whole arrangement with God "works" - ranging from literalistic understandings of "the Fall", through what is meant by "sin", to the way in which the death of Jesus re-unites us with our Father.

This leaflet is different.  It explains what is essential: the great love of our Father, our failure to live as we know we should, and so on - but also states explicitly what need not be accepted.

It may be downloaded and reproduced without charge, provided it isn't altered.

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Link here to the Resources page,

where you can download free PowerPoints, PDFs and other helps to engage with the Bible, explore questions of faith, and develop your understanding of Israel - Palestine conflict


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When this was first produced, many years ago, it was an innovative mix of Bible information, video, clipart and bad jokes, chaptered to use with small groups.  It's a bit dated now, but you're welcome to download it - or I have a whole stack of unboxed DVDs, and would be delighted to give you one! - send me your address through the contact box below. 

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