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When I first chose to be a follower of Jesus (50 years ago) it was after 4 years of debating many of the issues raised by those seeking faith. 

Since that time I've had considerable sympathy for those who follow a similar path of exploration today.

For the last 25 years, I've spent two weeks each summer at New Wine - supporting folk on their path of exploration, by hosting a venue called "Just Looking". 


Over the coming weeks, I hope to produce many of those seminars as podcasts, which will go onto a dedicated section of my YouTube page.

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At "Just Looking", there isn't a programme - the folk who come set the agenda.   

This teaching was put together

to answer this question!

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Any of these resources may be copied and used freely for non-profit purposes.

All I ask is that they are attributed to me, and are not changed.

Images used in teaching materials are either copyright-free, purchased,

or my own - please let me know if you spot something that has

inadvertently crept in! 

I retain the copyright to my own text and photos.

Right-click a resource to download it.

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